Our History. Our Story.

It was Christmas 2010. She will never forget the moment…wrapping Christmas presents with her sister-in-law who was more of a sister, than an "in-law” to her. They were enjoying the most joyful time of the year together, just as they had always done the last five years of their lives.

Then out of the blue the shocking news was shared…her brother and sister-in-law were told they would never be able to have children. Shock, tears, and unbelief filled the room. From that day on life would never be the same.

During the next year a glimmer of hope was given. Could in vitro fertilization really be an answer to prayer? Certainly it was worth trying, no matter the cost and emotional strain.

During the same year that her brother and sister-in-law were given a glimmer of hope, she was experiencing an overwhelming personal stirring in her heart. It was something so intense, that she couldn’t ignore. It was an undeniable feeling that she was being called to do something...

Little did she know a heartbreaking conversation in 2010 would eventually lead her to leave her corporate job in 2012, which was the start of an unexpected three-year journey. A journey in which she discovered her life purpose, a journey of experiencing God and His miracles like never before. It was a journey where she learned to walk in hope and new life.

Only a few short months into her journey she became “aunt Alli” to a precious baby girl. And only a few short months before her journey gave birth to Vitality Solutions, she became “aunt Alli” again, to a precious baby boy. It is her desire and destiny to share this hope and new life with others.