Choosing Your Limit of Insurance

With Vitality Solutions you get to choose your own limit of insurance for IVF. According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART), the average cost of one cycle of IVF is $12,400. Since our policy reimburses after three unsuccessful attempts, the average limit of insurance is $37,000.

The information below is simply a guide to help you consider all costs that can be associated with your IVF procedures. Before selecting your coverage amount, we recommend that you speak with your IVF clinic regarding their specific costs.


Pre-Screening Costs
$1,500 - $3,500
$2,500 - $4,000
Fresh Procedure
$8,000 - $10,000
Frozen Procedure
$3,500 - $4,500


Other IVF related expenses to consider that are covered under the Vitality Solutions policy are travel expenses (when you travel more than 250 miles to your clinic), and professional counseling and therapy, including nutritionists. For specific details of each category click here.