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OUr claims process is simple and Fast

If, for some unfortunate reason, a live birth has not occurred after three cycles or attempts, you will be reimbursed all costs up to the policy limit. It is our goal to process your claim promptly upon receipt of all required documentation. All claims need to be submitted within 90 days after the end of the third unsuccessful treatment attempt.


What You Need


Submit copies of receipts. Remember to include receipts for all covered expenses*.

Your Policy

Refer to your original policy and use your policy number to complete the form below.


*When submitting your claim, please remember that your policy not only covers the cost of the actual IVF procedure but also pre-screening costs, consultations, medications, professional counseling and therapy, and even travel expenses. Be sure to submit receipts for all covered expenses so that you can be fully reimbursed.

Get Started

First email your receipts to our claims specialists by clicking “send receipts” and include your copied documents as attachments. Then complete the online form below. A claims specialist will then contact you to address any questions or request further information if necessary.

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