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1) Diminished Ovarian Reserve - Ability of the ovary to produce eggs is reduced, reasons including congenital, medical, surgical or advanced age. 2) Endometriosis - Presence of tissue similar to the uterine lining in abnormal locations. 3) Female & Male Factors – Both female & male factors. 4) Male Factor – Low sperm count or problems with sperm function. 5) Multiple Female Factors – More than one cause of female infertility. 6) Other Factor – Other factor not listed. 7) Ovulatory Dysfunction – Ovaries are not producing eggs normally, including polycystic ovary syndrome and multiple ovarian cysts. 8) Tubal Factor – Fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged. 9) Uterine Factor – Structural or functional disorder of the uterus.

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IVF cycle is either a fresh or frozen cycle. A fresh cycle starts when the women begins her medication for egg stimulation. A frozen cycle starts when the embryos are thawed and transferred to the women.

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