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We know that there are many expenses associated with in vitro fertilization and the costs can be overwhelming. Most couples seeking IVF pay out of pocket, not knowing what the future holds. With our unique insurance product you can be certain of your future. You pay your doctor, pharmacy, therapists, travel expenses - directly - one procedure at a time. If, after three attempts or cycles live birth has not been achieved, you receive your money back.

With Vitality Solutions you can be secure in your future.


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Vitality Solutions provides hope and support to couples during their fertility journey

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When you partner with Vitality Solutions, you're not just investing in your family, you are investing in hope and new life for others. Fifty percent of our profits are used to combat sex trafficking, addiction, abuse, and other social issues. More often than not, these issues are both the cause and the direct effect of family breakdown. We believe that, together, we can break the cycle of broken families and create a future where these social issues no longer exist. 

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